Self-Storage: What to Look For

Moving can be a stressful time for any person. There are many times where you will find yourself in a dilemma because the things that fit in your old house may not have a place in your new house. Instead of getting rid of unnecessary clutter many people choose instead to move the unneeded things into storage units.

However, what do you look for when searching for a storage unit? Below are a few suggestions of factors to consider when searching for a storage facility.

  • Climate Control: Climate control is an important factor to consider when seeking a storage facility. Many items that you own are subject to climate and temperature conditions. Climate controlled storage buildings usually keep their climates anywhere between 55-85 degrees Fahrenheit. Climate controlled storage buildings are storage buildings that are resistant to the outside elements such as humidity and rain so that your belongings will not start to rust, mildew, or grow any other weird kind of fungus or bacteria. 
  • Space: another key factor in deciding which storage unit is right for you is the space. This does not just cover how much space the storage unit provides but how much space you need. The size of the storage unit that you need will all depend on the number and size of the items that you wish to store. You do not want to be paying for more space than you actually need. It is always important to have a list made of what you wish to store so that you will have a general idea of how much space you will need. Another important practice for storing items is that every item should be stored in the same size tote or box to make stacking and organizing easier. 
  • Security: security is a big issue when determining if a storage area is right for you. You are putting your personal items in a building so it is important that the building is as safe as your own house would be. This is the time to check out the storage company’s policies for safety as well as their reputation. Reputation can tell you a lot about a business just by how other people perceive the business. If the facility has a decent reputation then you know that the facility will try to maintain that reputation by providing excellent service. Another aspect of security is how easily accessible your items are to you.  Always be mindful of the facility hours and if you find that you cannot abide by the facilities hours then you should consider renting from a 24 hour facility. You would want to find a facility in a secure location such as a facility that was fenced in, in a well-lit area. Take a note of the different security measurements that the facility uses such as cameras, locked keypads, or other types of security systems. You would want to become familiar with the security company that supplies you storage facility and determine if they come with a good reputation or not. You would also need to find out your storage facilities policies on the use of managers and develop a working relationship with any managers you may encounter when using your storage unit. 

Self-storage is a choir as well as an art form at times. It is important that you find the right area to fit all your needs. Click here for more great storage resources.


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