Top 10 Dentists in San Diego, California

Below you will find the best dentists in San Diego. This list is based on Yelp reviews, Google + Reviews, and several other sources including reviewer experiences, BBB recommendations, USA Top Dentists, and more. Enjoy!

1. Fremont Dentistry in Pacific Beach, San Diego, California
(858) 272-2222
Sample Review: I started seeing Dr. Fremont about 1 year ago when I was experiencing pain from a cracked tooth and have been a happy patient ever since. As a trial attorney, my smile is an important part of my professional presentation. 

Dr. Fremont and his staff displayed a genuine care for the discomfort I was experiencing and diligently attacked the problem. Within a couple of follow up appointments the pain was gone and I was again chewing normally. The procedure was so effective both dentally and cosmetically that looking in the mirror now I can scarcely recall which tooth it was. While his dental services are exceptional, where 

Dr. Fremont really excels is in the selection of his staff. Every member of the team from the receptionist to the hygienist to the dental assistants to the billing department are warm, caring professionals with beautiful smiles. The text message reminders about appointments are a friendly reminder for someone with a busy schedule. Finally, I would be remiss if I did not mention that the patient chairs are configured for viewing DVDs during procedures. While the distraction is wonderful and the appointments are over before you know it, the really great part is that they actually mark in your chart what scene you left off on! (Indiana Jones just found the Crystal Skull but had to hand it over to the Russians...) Very nice touch Dr. Fremont! 

I would recommend Fremont Dental Arts to anyone who has ever dreaded going to the dentist. My time as a patient there has been great experience!

2. Strober Dental in Downtown San Diego, California
(619) 299-5925
Sample Review:  I had a recent dental emergency...a front crown fell off....late on a Friday night. Saturday morning I called Dr Strober and he came in, did a root canal and replaced the crown. He went above and beyond the call of duty. He is a terrific dentist and a great human being. I highly recommend him.

3. Bella Vita Dental Carlsbad
(760) 720-9510
Sample Review: Dr. Mananquil has great hands and a great heart. His staff are top notch. They are efficient with scheduling and everyone is super, super nice. I cannot say enough wonderful things about the Dr. and his staff. My wife says, "you don't feel like you're going to the dentist, you feel like you are going to the SPA!" Even since we moved to Rancho Santa Fe, we still make time to go him. I think that says it all!. We are very happy with Bella Vita as our family dentist

4.  La Mesa Dental Group
7872 La Mesa Blvd La Mesa, CA 91942
(619) 464-1211
Sample Review: Thank Jesus, I finally found a legit dentist.  I have lived in San Diego for 12 years now and have had a horrible time finding a quality dentist.  I have been through about 5 of them in that time and they either totally SUCKED at their job or were complete crooks.

I have horrible teeth.  Beautiful but horrible.  I am prone to cavities that quickly lead to root canals and I have severe anxiety about the dentist bc like I said, I have had some that sucked bad.  I finally broke down due to knowing I needed another root canal along with some other fillings and made an appointment with Dr. Campanella after reading the reviews here.  He confirmed me needing a root canal and since I was in a ton of pain, he got me into my endodontist Dr. Wei that same day.  He was a life saver getting me that appointment.

I followed up with him to finish the crown and this was when I knew I could really judge his work bc I have some ugly crowns in my mouth, that totally don't fit and look like crap.  I knew they made them in the office, which I had never experienced, so I was nervous about that.  I knew he was awesome after he gave me my shot and I couldn't even feel it, he was so gentle.  Then he carefully and meticulously prepped my tooth.  My crown was made, was gorgeous and at first was hitting on my bottom tooth.  I seem to have this problem and every dentist argues with me about it, as if I am lying.  But Dr. Campanella proceeded to make a simple adjustment which totally fixed the problem easily.  Usually, with past dentists, it's like 15 mins of adjusting and I still leave feeling like it isn't sitting right on my tooth.  So this was a huge relief for me.

Dr. Campanella is awesome.  All the hygienists are super nice as well.  I am someone that uses dentists frequently and know when they are me, he's great. I have finally found my dentist!

5. Rancho Del Rey Orthodontics
(619) 421-8742
Sample Review: My experience at Dr. Praters is always a great visit. She has always been great with all of her patients and provides very high quality work. I would recommend her to anyone.

6. Toppi Orthodontic & Pediatric Dental Office in Clairemont, San Diego
3737 Moraga Ave Ste B109 San Diego, CA 92117
(between Monair Dr & Cadden Dr)
(858) 270-2343
Sample Review: Dr. Toppi and his brother do not deserve the low star average they've gotten!  It's not fair that all their happy clients don't yelp yet!  They are incredibly honest and patient and understanding and reliable.  Their staff is very consistent and helpful and we've gotten the same hygienist for both kids, every time for the past 4 years!!!

The office is in a great location, just off the 5 freeway and also, has lots of easy parking.  They play great kids movies and their set-up for cleaning is perfect for even the most jittery kids!  I have a son with CP who is a big-time screamer and kicker, but as soon as they lay him down with the video glasses and headphones, he was like putty.  No restraints, no screaming, no tears.   If that isn't a perfect dental visit, I don't know what is!

7.  Emergency Dental Weekends in Beachside San Diego, California
(619) 276-1172
Sample Review: BEST DENTIST EVER. My Fiance just moved to town and her bracket broke off taking a piece of tooth with it. Being a Saturday during a 3 day weekend we were prepared for the worst. I found Dr. Taylor on Citysearch and after a short phone conversation Dr. Taylor asked how quickly we could get to his office. He was a fantastic, personable Dentist. He made us feel like he was our family dentist and he was great with our kids. He was very up front and honest with the pricing and was WAY cheaper than any dentist I ve been to. If you are visiting or live in San Diego don t hesitate to visit Dr. Taylor, I guarantee you, your teeth and your wallet will walk away satisfied.

8. On Demand Dentist in Clairemont San Diego, California
(619) 342-3577
Sample Review: Mom had terribly painful lump along gumline...actually thought of going to TJ since we live so close and she has no insurance - also didn't want to wait 8 hours in an ER. Did some research online and came across ODD. Never heard of an after hours dental clinic so we were a bit hesitant. Call the number, got a rep right away..gave them some info and rep said a doctor would call back to make call in less than 5 minutes! Arrived that night to the clinic and Dr. Irvin was already there and waiting. He had us fill out a questionnaire on a laptop (pretty cool) and did some panoramic x-rays on a great new non-invasive machine. Dr. Irvin was really gentle and patient with my mom and made sure she new all her treatment options. He thoroughly explained the pricing and payment options. My mom left that night relieved from the painful infection and a prescription ready to be picked up at the 24hr. CVS conveniently located down the street. i would totally recommend this place to anyone who needs emergency dental care!

9. Marcos Ortega DDS Downtown/Bankers Hill/Hill Crest San Diego, California
(619) 295-4545
Sample Review: I've been going to see Dr. Ortega for 15 years and have recommended him to several friends. He's the best!

10. A+ Family Dentistry in San Diego, California
(619) 265-2467
Sample Review: If you have ever had a bad experience at a dentistry come to A+ Family Dentistry. everyone is great. they care a lot about there patients and if you have any questions about anything they will explain it fully. i am a customer service manager and A+ Family Dentistry gets an A+ in my book.


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