Picture of My Scooter and Storage Pod [San Diego, CA]

Just the other day I dashed to my friend's house on Ingraham and parked right in front of a Big Box San Diego storage pod. Here's a picture of my scooter and the "Big Box".

I though to myself, how convenient..., to be able to move all your things into a storage pod right next to your place. And if you look at the top right corner of the storage box, it says "Free Delivery". I can't even imagine why people still choose to load up a truck, unload it and store everything themselves at the self storage facilities, when a company like Big Box Storage could come drop-off AND pickup your storage so you never have to pay for a mover or load and unload a truck.

If you're thinking about storing some old things or planning on moving, consider the possibility of cutting out the middle-man (moving to the storage facility).

Big Box Storage San Diego does have professional movers to help you load and unload the pod as well.

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