Big Box Storage Made It Easy For Us

As you know, we do moves for a living damn-near ever day of our lives. We've moved people in apartments, houses, storage facilities, you name it. We moved the biggest pieces of furniture from the 3rd floor down tight flights of stairs. We've walked around corners, down driveways, through backyards and so on, just to move some of the craziest pieces of furniture. Well, this past weekend we had one of the easiest and fastest moves ever!

Tom in Lemon Grove is moving to Chula Vista. For some unlucky economic circumstances, he had to move out NOW. But he couldn't move into his new place until something was squared away. It seemed like it'd be roughly a few weeks before he could move into his new place.

So he ordered a Big Box Portable Storage Unit that was scheduled to be dropped off at his house at 8am. Big Box arrived about 7:45 and dropped the storage unit right next to the curve. The guy said he would be back around 4pm or 8am the next day. It was really our choose. He could actually keep the unit as long as he wanted. He can also stored the bin at Big Box's warehouse as long as he needs to also.

Long story short, we were able to load his whole 2 bedroom house (of 7 years) into the storage unit within 4 Hours. Right now the unit is in Big Box's warehouse and we'll be waiting on a call from Tom to unload it at his new place whenever its ready.

If you are ever looking for a real storage solution, consider Big Box. They can do anything a typical storage company can do AND MORE! Check out Big Box' site to learn more about there storage services.

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