Moving to Buy a Home

After years of renting a home, apartment or room, there comes a time when you have to step it up and move into your own place.  Of course you need to save up some money; 20% down would be the ideal amount to have for your home deposit to ensure you're never upside down. But today, you can get away with only having 7% down. It always seems like a good time to buy, but is it really?

All that matters is that you are ready, have clear debt and a steady way to make money. Having a stash saved up would be great too. So say you are ready to move out, have everything saved up, debt cleared and found the home of your (current) dreams.

Besides just packing boxes, hiring a moving company and being ready to move from one place to another, you have to be mentally prepared to be a homeowner, which is nothing like a renter.  You'll be locked in for more than a couple decades, have permanent neighbors and have to be more responsible. So before you start saving for a home and packing boxes, ask yourself, are you ready to move into YOUR home?

If so, make sure you hire some professional movers that won't damage your rental, so that you get all you deposit and someone that will be there to help you move all you 1st wave of property into your new property.

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