How much would it cost if you moved yourself?

1.Truck Rental Charge - Include total days for packing, loading, driving and unloading.$
2. Rental Deposit. $
3. Trailer Package or Automobile Hitch. $
4. Wear and tear if you drive your personal vehicle – average 45¢per mile $
5. Insurance - daily insurance rate $
6. Furniture Pads. $
7. Appliance Dollies. $
8. Value of Your Time and other family members involved in the packing,loading, driving, unloading and unpacking.$
9. Cost of Boxes, Cartons, Tape and other packing materials, plus trash and land fill fees for getting rid of the debris after your move is finished.$
10. Loading and Unloading Service $
11. Additional Mileage Charge. $
12. Fuel Charge - $3.00 per gallon/10 miles per gallon $
13. Additional Costs - Food, Child Care, Back Brace, Hotels, Tolls $
14. Your Total Estimated Self-Move Cost $

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